Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Nudes Vol. 1: Swatches & Review

I had been wanting to try Jeffree Star Cosmetics for a while but I figured I would wait for the Black Friday sales, since it is a more expensive brand. When I saw that this Mini Nudes bundle was launching, I couldn’t resist, because I love minis and I especially love nude liquid lipsticks. This was the type of makeup launch I had set it my calendar became I was so afraid it would sell out before I could purchase.

This launched on September 30th at 1pm (east coast) on I was able to get on the website with no problem at all and my purchase was easy-peasy.

Within minutes, I received an email with a confirmation number. Two days later I was emailed with a shipping order number. And three days after that, I receive two emails, a few hours apart: one saying the order was out for delivery, and the other said the package had been delivered! I am thrilled with the costumer service in this company! I know these are just automated emails, but it is really nice to be updated as your order is being processed, delivered, etc.


As I mentioned, this was purchased on 09/30 at I received it 6 days later, on 10/06. That is really good timing for a company thats doing big launch, because a lot of the time things get really backed up. In the initial email with my confirmation number, there was a disclaimer saying to allow for an extra 3-5 business days for new launch products, so I really wasn’t expecting to receive this so soon. Shipping was an additional $5.95, which is fairly standard for online beauty product sales.

Pricing/ Availability

This was $52 for the bundle + $5.95 for shipping, totaling $57.95. If we were to divid the minis into the price, it would put each mini liquid lipstick at $7.24 each (with shipping factored in). I think thats a great deal, being that this comes with 8 shades that are all truly different.

This is not a product you will see at Ulta or Sephora. Jeffrey Star Cosmetics are sold via his website, and some online beauty retailers such as Beautylish.


When I received this, it was in a hot pink box, so of course I knew right away what it was. The tape that sealed the box had the logo all over it and I thought that was a cute touch. Inside, my product was wrapped very carefully in tissue paper that was covered in the company logo as well as a layer of bubble wrap. Very happy to see how well this was packaged to ensure a safe delivery.

The packing of the actual unit is just as great! I am obsessed with the box this comes in. I love the color scheme and design of the exterior; it has this strange waxy feel to it, which I really like. It’s like a soft touch cardboard. There is an ombre of nude stripes cascading down the unit, with a golden metallic logo very largely printed on the front. 

The side of the box reads “Open here for nudes” which is so genius as far as packing goes. That side flap is actually magnetic which is freaking amazing!

When we open the box we can see that all 8 liquid lipstick tubes are held into a inserted unit.

 The names of the shades are listed below each component, as well as of the tube itself. The top of the box has smaller metallic gold logos throughout, which is just so gorgeous. I am head over heels with the packaging of this product, I makes me not want to put this on my vanity because its just displayed in her so nicely inside the box.


This is a nude bundle but that doesn’t mean it’s all drab skin tone colors. The variety is really beautiful, ranging from flesh tones, ashy grey, to rosy pinks and warm deep terra cottas. Here are a few swatches!


I’m not sure what Jeffree Star Cosmetics does in their liquid lipstick formula to make it so different but this is HANDS DOWN the most comfortable liquid lipstick I have ever tried. And thats saying a lot, I try different brands all the time. Typically, I reach for my Stila Liquid Lipstick because I find less drying than most brands, but in all honestly, this has just replaced Stila as my favorite formula!!!!

When I first applied this to my lips, it went on very easily. The shape of the application is nice, forming to the lips well. The color was opaque and not patchy at all as I ran it over my lips. At first, while it was still wet, I did think, hmm this seems like any other liquid lipstick, but as soon as it dried down I knew this wasn’t like anything else. My lips felt smooth and light. I didn’t feel any heavy product, excessive dryness or crusting. THIS FORMULA IS AMAZING!!! The first color I tried was Rose Matter, I applied it all over the lips, but before it could dried down, I used Androgen to line my lips and then blended together with a q tip for a Ombre lip look. I was nervous about this because some liquid lipsticks either dry down too quickly to blend or they are too thick and look bad. I am happy to report these blend in so beautifully; the colors transitioned into one another very easily and dried down together perfectly.

My one complaint is the smell… I absolutely hate the smell of these liquid lipsticks (some aren’t as strong). They smell like sweet cough syrup with spices in it, very licorice like. I really didn’t understand why the scent was so bad so I looked it up on the website and it says that some of the colors as scented with a root beer scent. I am NOT a fan of that at all, but the scent is something I can get over.


Overall, I cant wait for Volume 2!!!! My guess is it was named Mini Vol. 1 because they plan on releasing more mini bundles. Maybe another mini liquid lipsticks with reds or crazy bright color! Another thought it a mini bundle of highlighters?!? I am really excited to see what other new launched are coming, because this one really blew me away.

As of today, this is still available on the website, so if you wanted to try it out, theres still time!!! Let me know in the comments if anyone else picked this up, or has tried Jeffree Star Cosmetic products in the past! I am curious what other gems are in his collection that I have been missing out on.

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette: In-Depth Review & Swatches: It is Worth the Hype? 

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is one of those products that is so buzzed about and hyped up on social media, it almost seems too good to be true. I had to get my hands on this and do a no holds bar review! We will be dividing in deep with this one, discussing everything from ordering the palette, swatches, textures, colors, price and the most important part: is it really worth the hype?!

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

If you aren’t familiar with Jaclyn Hill, she is a make up artist and beauty influencer who has a very popular YouTube channel. Jaclyn has partnered with Morphe in the past to do a “favorites palette” showcasing her favorite Morphe shadows. In that collab she was asked to just pick from the already manufactured eyeshadows to create a palette. Think of this collab as her filling up an empty Z Palette with her favorite individual eyeshadows.

What Makes This Palette Custom?

This time around was much different for Jaclyn being that The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette is a product of her own imagination. Jaclyn helped with the colors, textures, finishes, etc. One of the processes she spoke about when launching was the pressing process. Each color is pressed into the pan to a certain degree in order to give you the ideal color payoff. If a color is pressed too hard, it can be difficult to lift the pigment from the pan to your brush. If a color is packed too lightly, there can be a ton of fall out when you dip your brush in to pick up product. Jaclyn had these shadow represses over and over and over making sure the consistency was perfect. Each color in this palette is individually packed to the desired amount for that particular shade (meaning instead of pressing all of the shadows with same amount of pressure, each color has a certain amount of pressure applied to make sure the color is perfect.) This was a very lengthy process that Jaclyn dedicated herself to for 2 years! Talk about anticipation..


This palette was originally launched in June 2017 and has since been restocked a few times. I wanted this so incredibly bad the first time around but I just couldn’t get on the website fast enough, being that it sold out within the first hour. This last restock, I was READY! I had two computer screens up side by side with the Morphe website at 10:45am, just waiting for the 11am banner to say “IN STOCK” (I live on the east coast, it was live 8am on the west coast). As soon as 11am hit I clicked on the Jaclyn Hill Palette link and placed it in my cart! I will mention I was surprised that I couldn’t buy more than 1 palette, but I understand it’s a sought after item and I shouldn’t be so greedy.


The palette is $38 and the shipping charge was $7.95, so overall I spent $45.95.

If you were to break this down, from the subtotal price, each shadow would be $1.09.

If you were to break this down from the overall total, each shadow would be $1.43.


I ordered this on Tuesday 08/22 and it was to my house by Saturday 08/26. Insanely fast delivery! This was packaged well, even bubble wrapped inside the box, which is always nice!


This palette comes in a cardboard unit that it a heavy duty quality, yet lightweight. This isn’t the fanciest, or most innovative packaging ever; very standard as far as cardboard palettes go. The white and silver color scheme on the outside of the palette is very chic, I like how subtle yet elegant the front is. I could tell right away that this packaging is going to show wear and tear being thats is bright white; pigment will show up on the outside of the unit if you’re not careful.

The color names are NOT listed anywhere on the actual palette! This isn’t a huge deal for the everyday makeup wearer, but it is an issue for beauty bloggers/influencers being that you want know the shade name when doing tutorials, etc.

One downside of this palette is that there is no mirror- at all. Where a mirror would normally lay, theres a note instead that reads, “This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers. XO Jaclyn”.  Thats cute and all, but what I did was tape the card insert with the color names so I could reference it in the future.

Colors/ Finishes

There are 35 shades in this palette, ranging in color families and finishes. There are mattes, shimmers, foils, cool tones, warm tones, neutral tones- pretty much everything you could ask for in a palette. The one thing I will nitpick is there is no matte white shade (I’m a strict believer in having a pure white and pure black in every palette!), but really this isn’t a huge deal, as there are two shimmery off white shades. The individual pans are a good size, this is definitely a generous palette when it comes to product amount.


The matte shades in here are so creamy compared to other matte shades, I was really blow away when I first touched these. The shimmers almost feel wet on the fingers when you swirl into the pans. All of there colors swatch beautifully on the arm and wear so well on the eye. These blend out really well although I did see some patchy areas with the shimmery shades when applied with a brush. I definitely recommend spraying you brush first and picking up the product wet, or use your fingers to warm up the shadow when applying. These are very soft shadows so there is a bit of fall out in the palette, however I haven’t noticed any fall out of my face when applying these.


These swatches were done of bare, clean skin. I did not use any primers on my skin before switching. I have inserted the color names into the photos to make it easier for everyone to understand. The swatches are done per row, (I started at the elbow and worked my way to the wrist, so technically these are the rows backwards, sorry about that). 



Pros & Cons

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.48.48 PM


Overall, I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous and an insane deal. These are currently sold out of the Morphe website, but I have heard rumors of another launch for this!!


This is not a sponsored post/AD. I purchased this palette with my own money.

This is my personal opinion. If you disagree, thats totally fine. Different opinions are welcome here and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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First Impressions: Glam Glow Blue Sonic Mask

Once again, my curiosity has been peeked after seeing the same product all over Instagram. It seems every beauty gurus out there uses or promotes the Glam Glow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, which is a shiny blue peel of mask. Glam Glow is known for their high end masks, which will cost you a pretty penny.

This is the .5 oz unit which retails at $22. The larger unit is $69 for 1.7 oz. I purchased my mask through Sephora, also for sale on the Glam Glow website. Like always, let’s break this down and find out if it really is worth the hype!  


Obviously this is a special product because of the packaging, being that it’s a collectors edition. I got the Tails container; there was also a Sonic one and a Knuckles one.

Smell & Texture

I don’t like the smell of this AT ALL, however I think I may be alone on that opinion. This has a very tropical scent, to me I smell coconut alcohol  and sun screen. I know, most people love that scent but I personally do not and I didn’t expect it at all.

The texture is thick and gel like at first. It spreads pretty far on the face as you rub it in, so I suggest going in with a little and add from there.


The package does say to avoid the eyebrows and hairline, so be mindful when using this, don’t rip your hair out!

This dried pretty quickly. Because it said to leave on for 30 minutes, I thought this would stay wet for a while, or at least be tacky. However, within about 5 minutes this was dry to the touch. Running my fingers over this was interesting. The mask did not budge, slide, or even come off onto my fingers. It was completely locked in place on my skin. The mask was very smooth all over except for my forehead, which felt rough to the touch. I wonder if this is because my forehead is my oily area? 

This is a firming mask, so expect a tightening feeling when wearing this!

Removing the Mask

This peels off very easily. I used the pad of my finger to roll the edge of this until I was able to get a good piece lifted off of my chin. From there I slowly pulled the mask away from my skin and it very gently peeled off. I was a little nervous to remove this, but it wasn’t painful or difficult, much to my surprise! When I pulled this off of my face, you could literally see indentations from my pores on the strips of mask. That shows you how this really penetrates pores to remove dirt and oil.

My skin felt very tight and smooth when I took this off. I rinsed with warm water, dried my skin and then followed with a moisturizer.


Being that this is a first impression, I’ve only used this product once. Most of the time, with skin care, you need to try the product out for a few solid weeks to see any results. From my first use of this product I can tell you my skin already looks improved! My pores look smaller and clean. My skin looks refreshed and less dull. And the weirdest thing, my skin still feels tight like when the mask was on. It’s been about 20 minutes and my face feels tight and plump!

Worth the Hype?

I am truly impressed with this mask! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced immediate results with a skin care product, at least not the this level. I would 100% recommend this product, this may even become my new skin care holy grail! I cannot wait to do this again next week and see how my skin improved over time. Now I understand the hype on Instagram, this product works; totally worth the hype!

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Ipsy vs. Sephora Play: July 2017

One of my favorite posts to share with you guys and gals are the monthly Ipsy and Sephora Play unboxing! If you are unfamiliar with these, they are a month subscription service that mails 4-5 products to your doorstep! The products range in size from sample, deluxe sample and full sized. In Ipsy, there is a mixture of high end and drugstore brands; Sephora Play is high end only, found in Sephora stores.

The items pictured are sample sized, unless otherwise stated. The prices listed along side the products are for FULL SIZED versions. The retailers vary, as I look up where to find these the cheapest, incase you do not have an Ipsy subscription. If you are in Ipsy subscriber, make sure to check their website as they do offer sales and coupon codes.

Let’s jump right in! These are the bags that I received this month:

Cosmetics Bags

These are both cute bags.. nothing I’m jumping for joy over, but they are cute nonetheless. The zippered bag, with the cartoon egg thing was from Ipsy.  The pink plaid Glamp Out bag is from Sephora. Now for the important stuff.. what’s inside?!


  • Ren Clear Skin Care Ever Calm Global Protection Day Cream
  • Clinique Chubby Stick in
  • Madam C J Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque
  • It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara


  • Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer
  • Windy Lux Double Matte Whip
  • Ciate Wonderland Eyeliner
  • TonyMoly Im Real Sheet Masks in Green Tea and Lotus
  • M Princess Pressed Eyeshadow


Individual Item Breakdown

Sephora Play Items:

Ren Clear Skin Care Ever Calm Global Protection Day Cream

This moisturizer is suppose to help the skin purify from environmental issues like smoke, pollution and weather. I have used a variety of moisturizers, but none that have made this claim. I am interested in how this would work but I feel like these are the type of products you need to use daily for a while to see it is really pays off.  ($22.97,

Clinique Chubby Stick in Woppin’ Watermelon

I have used a few of these before, in different shades and I do like the feel of them on the lips. These have very little color pay off  in these lighter shades like this. Since I already have a few of these in similar shades, I will be including this in an upcoming giveaway. ($17,

Madam C J Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque

I’ve been more into hair care lately, so I will be trying this out for sure. My hair is chemically treated (bleach, color removers, and a ton of color deposits) so I could definitely use a refresher! I don’t typically use hair masques but that’s what these subscription boxes are all about- trying new things! ($32,, currently out of stock)

It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara

I have gotten this before in a subscription box and used it in the past. This isn’t my favorite mascara in the world, but I dont hate it. This does add a bit of length and volume, but nothing too dramatic. I do like that the formula being that isn’t too drying and it doesn’t flake. ($24,

Ipsy Items:

Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer

I have heard a lot about this bronzer, it seems to be pretty hyped up on Instagram, soI was very excited to see this! I am not huge on bronzers, being that I have pale skin, but this gives such a nice glow-y feel that is perfect for the summer. I apply this with a large angled fluffy brush to my temples, cheekbones, and down the side of my neck. I love how this wears on the skin! The packaging on this is really cute too, with a faux crocodile skin on the compact. The pan size is good sized and I see this lasting my quiet a while! ($30,

Windy Lux Double Matte Whip in Angel Food 

This product is a rose pink matte liquid lipstick. The packing and name is super cute, although it doesn’t seem like a very big sample compared to the same of most liquid lipsticks. The full sized in so adorable, it has little ice-cream cones on it , so cute! I did swatch this on my hand and it was tacky at first and then dried down completely matte. This is so long lasting, the swatch stayed on my hand the entire day until I removed it with soapy water! I am impressed with the staying power of these and would like to try other colors! ($13,

Ciate Wonderland Gel Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

This is a cool concept, one side is eyeliner and the other side is an angled brush. The brush is insanely soft and flexible. I definitely thought it would be stiff and was really surprised at how well it blended the liner out with the bendable bristles. I haven’t tried this on my eye yet, so I dont know how well it would hold up in the water liner, but I will give it a whirl soon. I swatched this on my hand and the liner is a bit rough, not super creamy, but it does have good color pay off. The pigment is definitely bold and blends down softly, so I like that you could do a different looks with this product! ($18,

TonyMoly Im Real Sheet Masks in Green Tea and Lotus

I love receiving sheet masks in my subscription boxes because I always find new brands or mask types that I’m unfamiliar with. I am excited to try these out, I saw this brand listed on a makeup website recently and I was intrigued! These are really inexpensive for sheet masks, so if they work out for me, I will definitely be repurchasing. Who doesn’t want affordable skin care?! ($3 each,

M Princess Pressed Eyeshadow in Biscuit

I am just not a fan of single eyeshadows. I typically throw them in a random drawer and forget about them. I am a palette queen all the way. I know, I know, just get a Z palette to hold all of my singles, I keep telling myself but haven’t actually done it. This color on this looks nice, but upwards of $15 seem like a lot of money for a single shadow. I did not open this or swatch it because it will be in an comping giveaway (possibly this week so keep you eyes peeled!) ($15.45,


The winner this month is clearly IPSY! I was really excited with the variety of products this month. It was 6 products total, since it came with two different sheet masks!  For $10 I am really ecstatic to receive a lipstick, eyeshadow, two face masks, bronzer and an  eyeliner!!!

Sephora Play on the other hand was a little underwhelming. I will likely use some of these, but I just wasn’t super excited the way I was when I opened my Ipsy bag. As you may have noticed, there are only 4 items listed for my Sephora Box this month, because I did not receive one of the items listed on my information pamphlet, so I know I was suppose to receive it… Also, the fragrance sample I received leaked…. so not great showing this month for the Sephora Box.

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What I Found at TJ Maxx

Lately I have seen a lot of TJ Maxx Hauls! Its been really surprising seeing the brands people have been finding, so I had to take a trip to my local store. I was amazed to see brands like Marc Jacobs, Kat Von D, MAC and Stila.

There were a lot of MAC liquid lipsticks and Stila blushes but there was only one shade of each and  the colors weren’t for me, so I had to pass. What I did get isn’t too shabby, although it wasn’t easy finding everything. The beauty aisles of the TJ Maxx I visited were an absolute wreck. A lot of the packages were tampered with, rip open/empty, or broken. The products weren’t displayed well, they had been piled on top of each other so it took me a good amount of time digging and sorting.

The Items I Picked Up:

Luxe Beauty Care Signature Retinol Spa Treatment Masks- $3 (originally $9.99)

I love face masks so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how many options there were to choose from. I haven’t used the brand Luxe Beauty Care before but the packaging was nice and it came with 5 masks for only $3! That’s only 60 cents per mask!

Velour Silk Lashed- $9.99 (originally $26)

I have seen this brand at Sephora before, so when I saw the $9.99 price tag, I was sold! I haven’t used these before but I am excited to try them out.

Joico Body Luxe Root Lifting Volumizing Foam- $6 (originally $16.99)

I have used multiple Joico  products in the past, but not this one specifically. This smells so amazing, like a tropical vacation!

Kat Von D Lightening Metallic Liners in Hyde & Poe- $7.99 (originally $26 each)

These are AN ABSOLUTE MESS! I highly recommend running in the other direction if you ever see these! I opened the copper one, Hyde and it exploded all over me. There was product all over my chest, arms and face. I figured I got a bad one so I very carefully opened the other shade, Poe, and although it didn’t explode, it did leak all over my hand immediately. I don’t have a photo of these because I returned them! These have been discontinued by Kat Von D Beauty, they are no longer for sale and I can see why.

Faith in Face Pink Clay Foam Facial Cleanser $3.99 (originally $11.99)

I really wanted to try a new cleanser and this says “makes pores pretty” on the bottle therefore I had to grab it! I haven’t tried this yet but I am excited to see if it minimizes the appearance of pores at all.

Joice Co Color Therapy Shampoo & Color Endure Conditioner $7.99 each (originally $14.99 each)

Joico is the color line I use so when I saw a color care shampoo an conditioner by this brand I was really excited! These smell really nice, but I feel like I need to use them for  a while before I’ll see results.

Estee Lauder Scumptous Knock Out $5.99 (originally $10)

This is a travel sized item, definitely not a full sized tube. I am currently using Estee Edit skincare, so I figured why not try out the mascara for $6?

Buxom Liquid Lipstick in Wandress $4.99 (originally $21)

I keep telling myself “stop buying liquid lipsticks, you have to many” but this was only $5 and I knew Buxom was a well known brand sold at Sephora so I couldn’t pass up on this!


Between digging through the shelves and getting broken/messy products, I just wasn’t feeling this haul. I do think I will do this again, being that TJ Maxx gets new items frequently and I did save a lot of money. Maybe I just picked a bad time to go, or maybe the location near me just isn’t maintained well. If I had paid full price, I would have spent $177.95. All together, I spend $65.92 and saved $112.03, so I really cant complain!

I will say if you purchase makeup from a store like this, SANITIZE EVERYTHING BEFORE USING. It goes without saying,  people can be gross; a lot of fingers could potential touch that makeup before it gets to you. Another thing, I feel like these products could be past their expiration dates, especially since they are selling discontinued items. Just be caution when purchasing!

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Urban Decay Velvetizer: Worth the Hype?

Urban Decay recently launched a new product, the Velvetizer Translucent Mix In Medium! This is a super finely milled powder that you mix in with liquid foundation! It’s is said to give extra coverage and make the skin look velvety smooth. I had to try this out since I’ve never tried a mix in medium before. I wanted to do a in depth review of this since it’s so new.

Purchasing/ Shipping

I purchased this from for $34 on July 5th. I recieved an email that night saying my order “was being prepped”. By the 12th the package was sitting on my doorstep! Thats 7 days total, but only 4 business days. I’m very impressed with the speedy delivery and how everything was packaged so nicely. The items were carefully wrapped in purple tissue paper which has little Urban Decay logos all over it! (I did order a few other products as seen in the photo)


The box this came in has velvet detailing and so does the jar! It is super cute, although not that practical. The velvet on the jar seems to get covered by powder after just one use. Not a huge flaw, just something to point out.

The sifter is shaped like the Urban Decay UD logo, such a nice touch!


There are so many “translucent” powders out there that are not translucent, so when I see something labeled as such, I’m hesitant. I was nervous that this would oxidize my foundation when mixed in, and give me the wrong color, however I was pleasantly surprised when this was actually translucent!!!! Yay!


This powder is the most lightweight, finely milled powder I’ve ever touched. It is so lightweight that it’s messy if you don’t pay attention. This will end up everywhere if you open the jar all willy-nilly, so be careful! Although, I really like the feel of this powder, it doesn’t work for baking the under eye because it’s so fine.

Things to Know Before Using

This product doubles as a setting powder and/or a mix in medium. If you are using this as setting powder, just keep in mind that this does not attach well to sponge. I wouldn’t recommend applying this with a beauty blender or trying to bake the under eye; the powder is just too fine to adhere to a sponge-like applicator. This is best applied with a large fluffy brush which will pick up the product and distribute it evenly.

To use this as a mix in medium, you need a liquid foundation. I’ve used a few brands with this powder and so far, the Wet n Wild Photo Focus is my favorite to combine with this. It mixes well with the Photo Focus and looks really nice on the skin.

How To:

Step 1: Pour out a dime sized amount of powder onto a glass palette or mixing bowl. This comes out quickly, be mindful!

Step 2: Add Liquid Foundation

Step 4: Mix Together (I used a brush handle)

This does thicken up the foundation immediately so it’s less liquid-y. Even thought this makes the foundation thicker, it doesn’t  change the blendability. The foundation still applied very smoothly and blended out nice.

I will say I had no hope for this product, why would you mix a powder into a liquid foundation?! I figured this would be weird but I WAS WRONG!! This really does give extra coverage!


This looks so beautiful on the skin! It makes everything look soft and velvety. My skin looks so smooth and angelic! This does make my foundation Matte, but not dry or cakey. I love the way this look and it does seem to keep my skin from getting oily throughout the day. I have used this everyday since I purchased it. I will say one more time, be mindful when using this! A little product goes a long way and the more I have been using this, the better I have gotten at mixing the perfect ratio. In these photos I when a little heavy with the powder and because of that I had a some creasing under my eyes.



I purchased this from for $34. I have also seen this listed on -although last I check it was sold out. That is a little pricey for the amount of product you receive, but a little goes a long way. If you struggle with your complexion, this is definitely worth the price.


I am so impression with this product. It’s a very new concept to me and I am loving it! If you aren’t into full coverage or matte finish, then this probably wouldn’t be your cup of tea. But if you have discoloration, acne or uneven skin, like me, you might fall in love with this as hard as I did.

Has anyone else tried this? I’m curious on everyone’s thought! Let me know in the comment below.

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Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask Review

I see so many beauty products, both makeup and skin care, that use gold in them, so I was really intrigued when I saw a gold mask at Walmart. I was super excited to try this out and wanted to share my thoughts with all of you!
This Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask is made by Masqueology. The packaging states “the gold and collagen will help hydrate and revitalize dull fatigued skin while detoxifying the impurities in the skin to give an overall glow and life to the skin”.

The directions say to clean your skin and then apply the mask for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, rather than washing off the excess, this says to massage it in the face and neck.

So, like always, lets break this down into categories: packaging, appearance, texture, smell, productivity and price/availability.


This comes in a black and gold flat unit. You can feel the gel consistency when you squeeze the package, the mask slips around inside. It is a sturdy package that would hold up well if you were traveling or have this kicking around for a while before you use it. The top has a notch on the side to make opening the unit easy peasy.

Once you get this open, the mask itself is folded with plastic separators in between the layers. This is kind of tough to unfold, so be careful!


I expected this to be solid gold, like the photo on the label, but it isn’t. This is a cloudy translucent mask with gold sparkles in it. The packaging it very misleading, being that it shows a golden full face mask. Besides the color, the mask itself is kind of weird, but also kind of genius. This is two pieces; one piece goes across the mouth/chin and then the other piece covers from the upper lip to the hair line. I applied the bottom piece first and totally looked like Hannibal Lecture! After putting the top piece on it felt secure on my face, although I did rip the mouth and eye holes a little bigger so it was more comfortable.


This is a gel mask, so keep that in mind. This is pretty slippery and feels like a thicker version of saran wrap that’s covered in liquid, that sound weird but it’s true. The mask is very thin so, be gentle to not rip this! The texture is definitely completely different than a paper sheet mask. Because of the bendable plastic-y material, and how wet this is, it really clings to the face. I love how this hugged the contours of my face and really stayed in place for the 20 minutes. I was able to do work on my computer, with my head kind of tilted down, and this did slip or slide at all.


There is no odor to this mask at all! Yay! I really like odorless mass, being that it sits right under the nose and I’m not huge on strong fragrances.


After wearing this for 20 minutes, it peeled off really easily. There was a good amount of the serum on my face still and I rubbed that in all over. It felt silky and lightweight, similar to a facial oil. It wasn’t sticky and slimy at all! I didn’t notice any immediately tightening but I did feel very moisturized and refreshed. I applied this right before bed so that I could really let the serum marinate on my skin over night. In the morning, my makeup went on smoothly and my skin looked so glowing and hydrated! I even got a few compliments on my skin that day and I don’t have great skin so I never get compliments on it! I would say this definitely helped with dullness and hydration. I did wash my face the next morning before doing my makeup, so I don’t know how this serum would layer underneath.


I purchased this at Walmart for $2.50.. can you believe that?!?!!? This mask is really great and I cannot believe it’s so inexpensive and readily available.


I will absolutely be using these masks again! The package does say its good for all skin types so I highly recommend checking these out, especially since it’s only $2.50!

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Unicorn Glow Box by Wet n Wild, First Impressions

Everyone is unicorn obsessed lately, and that mean makeup brands are capitalizing on the trending fashion. Wet n Wild is one of the brands that released a limited edition Unicorn Glow line. This line includes highlighters, loose pigments, lipsticks and a super cute highlighting brush. These items are sold separately or in a full set, which is what I got my hands on! This box is available on for $30.

Lets start at the beginning. I ordered this on 07/03 and it was on my doorstep by 07/15. That’s 12 days total, 8 business days. That’s not terrible for shipping, but it’s not Sephora fast. I did look at multiple stores to find some of these items but none of the retailers, like CVS, Walmart, etc had these in stock so I ordered online instead. This was packaged really well, with ample bubble wrap to secure the products inside the box.

The product packaging is really cute, with a holographic unicorn embellishment on the front of the box.

When I opened it up there was another layer of bubble wrap which made me very excited! I’m glad them take the time to make sure the products are secure!


Ugh, tell me this isn’t adorable! This is packaged so well and looks so professional! I am really loving this vault style packaging!

Now let’s jump into my first impressions on these products. I have played around with these and swatched them on my face and hands, however I haven’t worn these for a full day so I don’t know how ell they hold up. I will definitely let you know as I become more familiar with the products.


This brush is the reason I looking into this line and purchased the box. The brush alone is listed for $5. It is really adorable with the oil slick/ metallic colors in the handle, which is shapes like a unicorn horn. The bristles are soft, sturdy and have a great rounded shape that picks up and distributes product really well. My one complaint would be the weight of this brush. The handle is very lightweight plastic feeling and just seems kind of cheap. It would be nice to have some weigh in the shaft of the brush. With that being said, the brush itself is great and that’s what important. The bristle texture and shape is prefect for highlighting.

Loose Pigments (3)

  • Unicorn Wishes, a deep cobalt blue with gold sparkle
  • Pegasus Flutter, a shimmery baby pink with silvery undertones
  • Mythical Dreams, a shimmery purple with blue undertones

These are beautifully pigmented! I am not typically a fan of loose pigments but the colors are fabulous and the texture blends out so smoothly. The container on these is so genius havening a flip up cap over the sifter! This will help so much when you open these, being that the product would fly around and get stuck in the cap to create a giant mess.

Highlights (3)

  • Everlasting Glow, a pink/champagne with silver undertones
  • Unicorn Glow, green, silver and yellow undertones when mixed (rainbow)
  • Bronze Over the Rainbow, a blinding gold

These highlighters are insanely blinding and I LOVE IT! I would probably say Everlasting Glow is my favorite. These swatches are the highlighters swirled all together. The fun thing is you can use your brush to target a certain part of these highlighters for a certain color rather than swirling. The texture of these are really nice for a drugstore highlight but there is a ton of fallout, so it’s a little messy. 

Lipsticks (2)

  • Immortal Soul, (white band on packaging),  white/lavender holographic
  • Unicorn Tears (blue band on packaging),  pink/blue holographic

These are really pretty holographic lipsticks with a creamy consistency. I will say they look different on the lips than swatched on the hands, much more subtle on the lips. I tried to layer these over a dry liquid lipstick thinking these would transform the color, and work like a lip topper, but it didn’t work. It ended up looking muddy and weird. Maybe I didn’t have a good base for it, so I’ll try again with another formula and see how it works.


I really give Wet n Wild credit, they are stepping up their game a lot lately. I couldn’t ask for more from a affordable, cruelty free brand! I am excited to play around with these more and explore some brighter makeup looks! Has anyone reading used this line yet? Let me know in the comments what items you are loving, I know I am digging these highlighters!

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 Sephora Haul, Free Makeup?!

I did a little online shopping with the Sephora app and scored big time! By using my VIB points and utilizing the ‘Mobile Rewards’ offer I was able to get a bunch of free deluxe sample sized products in addition to the two skin care items I purchased. I spent $54.57 total, including tax.

Items I Purchased:

($22) GlamGlow Gravity Mud Firming Treatment Sonic Blue Collectable Ediiton- Tails

($29) The Estee Edit Guest Editor Skincare Picks Go Glow

Received for free*:

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Deluxe Sample Set (free with any $25 purchase)

Tarte Happy Birthday Gift, Lip & Cheek Set (free with purchase during your bday month)

Tarte Pro Glow Liquid Highlight in Stunner (100 points)

Henriksen Truth Serum (100 points)

Laura Mercier Velour Lipstick in Devotion (100 points)

PLUS: 3 SAMPLES— The app lets you pick the samples you want receive, but I always end up with completely different samples altogether.

*If you are unfamiliar with how Sephora points work or how to use the mobile app to the best of its ability, check out my blog post ‘Sephora App Perks & Haul’.

I have never tried any of these products so I am really excited to test them all out! I will be doing quiet a few reviews like ‘First Impressions’ & ‘Worth the Hype’ blog posts soon with some of these products in addition to the new Urban Decay items and Wet n Wild items I recently picked up. There will be a lot more posts coming regularly so keep an eye out!

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