A little about myself:

My name is Krys, I am 26 years old. I grew up watching my mom working in salons, supply companies and teaching cosmetology school. Because of that, I like to say I have some street knowledge of the beauty industry, however I do not have professional training. I am a beauty enthusiast/hobbiest.

I currently work full time as the business manager at a high end tattoo shop. This beauty blog is my hobby in between appointment and meetings. You will also see post reviews, unboxing, dupes, hair care/color and fashion. Please email me directly with any questions, beauty.krys@gmail.com 🙂 I want to be involved with other bloggers, beauty experts and people alike to empower men, woman and children to love themselves and one another.

I just want to throw it out there that I am not sponsored by any companies. I give my honest opinion about products, good or bad. If I am ever sponsored in the future, I will make sure to note it in the post so that the reader is aware. I believe honesty is the prettiest policy.