A little about myself:

Hello my loves! I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to check out my page! My name is Krystal, I am 27 years old. I grew up watching my mom working in salons, supply companies and teaching cosmetology school- so I like to say I have some “street” knowledge in the beauty field opposed to book knowledge since I did not go to beauty school. Everything I know is from hands on experience, trail & error and years of practice.

I have two jobs besides my online pages. I work full time as a business manager for high end tattoo shop & I work at an occult store part time, so I’m a busy bee! This beauty blog is my hobby that I am hoping to grow into a career. I absolutely love reviewing products and doing every day makeup looks. I do have a few solid ideas to blog about regularly, such as my month subscription unboxings, reviews, hauls and dupes! You might see some hair care and fashion posts sprinkled in here and there.

Please email me directly with any questions, beauty.krys@gmail.com 🙂 I want to be involved with other bloggers, beauty experts and people alike to empower men, woman and children to love themselves and one another!

Social Media:

IG: bewitchingmakeup

Twitter: makeupbewitched