My Favorite Beauty Bloggers

I watch YouTube the way other people watch TV. I love seeing the latest tends, brands launches, and tutorials. I wanted to share my favorite beauty bloggers with everyone in case you guys and gals aren’t familiar with them. These channels are totally worth checking out!

Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru

My end all be all is Tati Westbrook. She is classy, sophisticated, down right gorgeous and most importantly she is well educated in the beauty industry. Tati’s channel offers product reviews, skincare, tutorials and more. Some fun segments you will only see on Tati’s channel are “WTF” where she tries ridiculously expensive products or “OMG”; where she tries strange, odd concept products.. This is definitely a channel to follow as she posts very frequently throughout the week. You will notice a variety of products featured wth Tati, both high end and drugstore options. She also does dupe videos, or like she likes to call them, Dupetorials.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson seriously projects her bubbly upbeat personality through her videos. She is so positive and inspiring, even going so far as to having an uplifting mantra at the end of most videos! Of course, Kandee is a wonderful makeup artist too, creating tutorials, monthly favorites, and very creative videos such as nail art, tee shirt cutting, and more. I have been following Kandee for quiet some time and one of my favorites on her channel were the “Everyday Princess Series” where she transforms herself into the Disney princesses, but in a way that anyone could rock daily. Kandee’s style is like no other. She rocks some items I would find questionable, but when she puts it all together, it’s flawless!

Mykie aka Glam n Gore

Mykie is a super adorable chick with a ton of beauty knowledge. Her channel is properly named Glam N Gore, as she does both beauty looks and FX looks (costume makeup). Between the makeup look itself, lighting, editing, etc. you can see really the time and effort put into Mykie’s videos. She doesn’t upload too often, or have a set schedule like she bloggers, as she is a one woman show when it comes to her channel and you can tell she’s a bit of a perfectionist. Even so, theres a ton of videos to check out if you event seen her channel befroe. She is insanely talented and creative, not to mention her humor is spot on. If you need more Mykie in your life, she recently made a more personal Vlog channel named Mykie.

Kristen Leanne

This beauty blogger, Kristen Leanne, is one of those people you feel like you actually know. She is very straight forward, silly and hilarious on her channel, all while still creative captivating looks. Kristen cutting edge personality and style is what made me start watching her videos. She is a vegan, cruelty free blogger, which means you will only see brands that do not test on animals nor do they have any animal products. You will see makeup, fashion and some insight into her hair color brand, Artic Fox on her channel. You will also see a lot of Flaming Cheetos, seems to be her favorite snack while filming and please note, she’s got a sailors mouth. Kristen definitely tells it like it is, so don’t be surprised if you hear a few F bombs.

Eleventh Gorgeous

This channel is a duo of blonde, bubbly, southern sisters, Tracy and Stephanie. These two are not makeup artists, like most Youtube beauty accounts. But these two know a ton about brands and have a lot of fun together in their videos focusing on tutorials, unboxings, and makeup challenges like “Kids Only Makeup”, “Full Face Glitter”, and “Pintrest Hacks”. Eleventh Gorgeous definitely has some ground covered being that they also be a Vlog, T & S, plus they run an online boutique, Madison & Mallory. These two are fun to watch as they play off each other’s energy a lot. They are Disney obsessed, so I would recommend this channel to a younger audience since they are so wholesome.


Shan is a beauty youtube from New Zealand who is super trendy and stylish. Shan has a lot of fun in her videos, sometimes even stopping mid way through a blend to spontaneously lip sync! Shan uploads very frequently doing tutorials, hauls, and even dives into fashion and health. My favorite of her videos are the “Chit Chat and Get Ready with Me” where she does her makeup in real time so you can follow along. You will see a lot of high end brands on this channel and you’ll meet/fall in love with here two pups, Louie and Zues.

So in a nutshell, these are my favorite beauty bloggers to watch on Youtube. (Please note: All photos are screen shots from here Instagram accounts, listed below.)

  • Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru: @glamlifeguru
  • Kandee Johnson: @kandeejohnson
  • Mykie aka Glam n Gore: @mykie_
  • Eleventh Gorgeous: @eleventhgorgeuos
  • Kristen Leanne: @kristenxleanne
  • Shaaanxo: @shaaanxo

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to follow my IG and Blog (@bewitchingmakeup)! 


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